Rangoli Designs For New Year and Diwali

Rangoli Designs For New Year and Diwali, that we make, are a rousing style of Indian conventional designing during the festive seasons. It’s a noteworthy culture of India. We generally make these designs in our lobbies or right outside the entrance gate of our house for religious celebrations.

Simple Rangoli Designs is a can be planned using an understanding of the geometrical examples and thoughts. Diwali Rangoli Designs a made out of sand painting decorations that uses light henna powder of different colors and shades. I remember how much I used to love making these designs all day, when I was a kid. Diwali Rangoli Patterns are a way to express one’s art, and even besides it shows the soul of the celebrations.

The image below is of the kind of material that rangoli is made of. This is how it’s sold in the market and you can buy different colors independently.

The New Year Rangoli Design for New Year is comprised of term Best Rangoli Color Pattern! From early days, making Rangoli design was fundamentally kept in young ladies and ladies of the home. We Also Have The Best Collection of Latest Mehndi Designs. Nowadays also young men are using Rangoli Designs or Patter on Diwali or New Year and making a good contribution towards drawing Rangolis. The art of Simple Rangoli Designs Pattern is specified by combination of specific names in different areas of India. So whether you’re making a Rangoli Designs For New Year or Diwali, in both cases the images in the list will help you get the right ideas.

During the festive season in India, a house would look deficient on Diwali or new year without excellent Rangoli Designs or Pattern. Truly, the system for assembling the Rangoli is truly as intriguing as they wound up realistic. Indian People dependably pick Easy Flower Rangoli outline at their doorsteps for Diwali or New Year celebration.

I’m really fond of seeing the different designs that people make outside their homes, showing their dedication towards the festival and also, their art. My mom makes excellent designs, and I have a lot to learn from here in this respect.

When everyone makes these designs together, it is because everyone comes under the same banner of celebrating diwali, and working towards a common cause – that marks as a sign of not only celebration but also of unity between all the people. This is the hidden secret of happiness of the festive season that we all feel within us, although it can’t be expressed in words. And this, which we can’t express in words, is expressed in the rangoli designs.

So lets go ahead and check out some of the rangoli designs so that you can get an idea about what you can try and get creative.

Rangoli Designs For New Year And Diwali List

  • This is a pretty large size, and can be made in the center of the hall. It’s best if you have a team of two to three people helping you out in designing this.

Rangoli Designs For New Year

If you’re fond of using many colors for the rangoli design

Rangoli Designs For New Year

If you’re looking to make something totally different, then look at the design below.

Rangoli Designs For New Year

If you want to make something where you can involve kids also, and one which gives easy scope to correct errors, then this one is a god looking, yet simple design for your ideas.

Rangoli Designs For New Year

Who doesn’t like flowers? What if instead of the traditional rangoli material, you try to make it all using flowers?

Rangoli Designs For New Year

This is an easy trick you can use to enhance the designing in the corners, in case there’s some leftover rangoli.

Rangoli Designs For New Year

It looks simple but is really difficult to make! The next one is made of just white color.

Rangoli Designs For New Year

If you like using diyas in the rangoli then you can look at this next design. This is one of the easiest of the Rangoli Designs For New Year or Diwali that we’d suggest.

Rangoli, Stones, Mandala, Om, Design, Pattern, Motif

Another very interesting one, which can be used as symbolizing life, family tree or science,

Rangoli, Stones, Mandala, Design, Pattern, Motif

Have you ever thought about employing the power of lighting in making your rangoli look outstanding? Check out the next one and you’ll know what I mean. If you like this design, check out the diya and lights section on the website to get a bit of an idea about the lights you can use to combine with your rangoli.

Rangoli, Stones, Mandala, Om, Design, Pattern, Motif

If you’re just looking to make something quickly and simple, then use the design I’m giving next. A simple design which you can make with the help of rulers too!

Image result for free rangoli images

And finally, you’re welcome to let us know of more suggestions!

Image result for free rangoli images

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