Rangoli Design Images Free Download: Awesome Trick

Get rangoli design images free download by just visiting the following websites. You can get copyright images for free for rangoli design.

  1. Peels.com
  2. Pixabay.com
  3. commons.wikimedia.org

Now while there are so many other sites where you can get rangoli design images free download, I’ll you the one stop solution with which you can get all the data from all the websites in one shot, and in one page.

Step 1: Go to google images

Step 2: Search Rangoli designs

Step 3: Now, go and press the ‘tools’ button under the search bar. It will show a dropdown menu.

Step 4: In this dropdown menu, select the option where it says ‘Usage Rights’

Step 5: In the usage rights section, select: ‘Available for reuse’

Now the searches will get automatically filtered.

And you’ll automatically be shown only those images which are the rangoli images for free download.




You can download those images and use them for whatever purpose you’re planning. Be it for sharing, or for creative designs, or for putting on your blog. I’ve selected some of the best rangoli design images and reviewed them on this linkwhere you can get the choicest and most versatile review of all the rangoli desining ideas.


A lot of people are also interested in rangoli designing competitions. The technique I’ve mentioned there is great for those who want to learn the different styles quickly and are plannin gto try for competitions in rangoli designing.


Happy rangoli designing. Use these rangoli design images free download and increase your creative boundaries. Do let me know in the comments if there’s any thing else that you would like me to mention apart from what I’ve already mentioned. The google images trick is the best however as it gives all the results in one go. Pexels and Pixabay are just, of better quality in general.


And by the way, happy diwali in advance! Have a great one.

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